Imagine a world where all of the tools that inspire achievement are right at your fingertips

Gamification that identifies specific metrics that inspire Learning Activities.

Powerful AI to Personalize Individual learning pathways in STEM, Literacy and Career Readiness.

Positive Social Learning Engagement Platform that Reinforces the Right Behaviors.

Helping Schools and Ministries Meet the Highest of Standards

A New Way of Learning: Replace the Stress of Grades and Assessments with the Joy of Activity and Engagement.

  • A new Way of Learning.
  • Activity Based – Measure Engagement Daily.
  • Motivates and inspires Academic activity.
  • Customized based on School/Class Goals.
  • Empowers Student, Teachers and Parents.
  • Four Different ways to customize goal settings.

“I find that my students are far more engaged. They come into my class every day looking to complete new assignments to help improve their engagement score” – Real Classera Teacher.

Bring Personalized Learning Paths to your Classroom with HP Classeasy!

Every Positive Learning Activity is Measured to Help Drive Specific Learning Outcomes

Every Path to Success is Customized to The Individual Learner !

  • Students Earn Points from any activity.
  • Weighted based on School/Class/Parents Goals.
  • Customizable based on School Goals.
  • Creates Student Conversation and accountability.
  • Removes Grades as a blocker.
  • Every Student can Participate!

Redefining Personalized Learning

There is no such thing as a One Size Fits all Education

Every Learner has their own unique Learning Cues, HP Classeasy allows each individual learner the opportunity to grow at their own pace.

  • Set up and Drive Class Wide and individualized Positive Behavior from Day 1.
  • Recognizes that Every Student is different.
  • Class Activity Becomes Fun!

Students Have Immediate Access to All of the Tools that Inspire Achievement

  • Great for Remote or in Person Learning.
  • Parents and Students alike all recive the same data.
  • With one Long in, Students see thire entire academic resources at their disposal.
  • Zoom, Teams or any Virtual Classroom launched from homepage.

Teachers - One Click away for Every Resource

  • Rapid Access.
  • Virtual Classrooms.
  • Text/Quiz Banks – Launch a custom Quiz in less than 3 minutes.
  • Lesson Plans/Teacher Preparations.

A.I. Based Standards Aligned Formative Assessment

HP Classeasy Automatically Delivers the Right Learning Content to the Right Student at the Right Time!  

Take the Guess Work out of Instruction and Provide Students with the Best Chance to Succeed even in the most challenging Learning Environments. 

  • Give Teachers feedback on Students Aligned Performance.
  • Constant Benchmark.
  • (Individual and Class).
  • (Smart Mate) Automatically recommends content related to standards achievement.
  • Help Create Personalized Learning Paths while removing needless effort and guesswork.

Proactive Performance Indicators allow School Leaders Access to Critical Trends

Graduation Rates, STEM Performance, Literacy, Economically Disadvantage Students, College Readiness, Minority Status, Free and Reduced Lunch, Title One, Gifted Students and More.

Pilot HP Classeasy in your school today!